Making wrapping paper


This year I decided to make my own wrapping paper.  This decision was less about any crafty inspiration on my part, and more about not wanting to go buy wrapping paper and then having to find storage space in my tiny apartment for the half I don’t end up using.  I’m already using storage space on perfectly good rice paper, gold paint, and brushes.





While I was at it, I made little gift tags out of a cut up Madewell bag and a small pile of Christmas catalogs that had recently come in the mail.  Then, as I was making more wrapping paper, I realized that painting the Mister’s face right onto the wrapping paper accomplished both the decorating aspect and the labeling aspect.  I am pretty pleased with the result and may paint his face onto all of his presents next year.

Have you ever made wrapping paper?



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5 thoughts on “Making wrapping paper

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